Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is Roots & Wings about ?

The U.S.A is proudly known to be the Melting Pot of the World.

But I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of achieving assimilation at the cost of diversity.

I’d rather see my country as a salad bowl where uniqueness is a good thing as long as it’s accompanied by co-existence.

‘Roots and Wings’ poses the question if one has to cut off their roots in order to spread their wings and soar high.

I interviewed the participants of a Sikh Youth Leadership retreat in my quest to highlight the challenges they face every day being both American and Sikhs, the spirit with which they overcome them and what they expect out of their fellow citizens.

With this documentary, I wish to highlight to the audience that beyond anonymity and mistaken perceptions, Sikh youth are truly American; dealing with their challenges bravely, they are uplifted and determined leaders of tomorrow with roots in perfect balance of spirituality and progressiveness.

The work aims for 'anyone who feels different on account of their visible identity or ideology' to realize that they can triumph being who they are if they are rooted in the a strong value system that embraces humanity. And that their roots in fact, strengthen them to soar high on their wings.


Emily said...


Thank you! Your vision is refreshing, heartwarming, and inspiring to those of us who haven't found the time or courage to make any big moves ourselves. Your message of the importance of many baby steps together forming a greater movement towards peace, understanding, and equality is spot on--filled with hope and love. I saw "One Light" today in Sun Valley, Idaho, and heard you speak after the film. I am in awe of your maturity, logic, and drive. Keep up the good work, Angad. I will very much look forward to your next film.

A Fan In Sun Valley

Arvinder Kang said...

Angad Singh Ji

Guru Fateh.

It was great to meet you and your mom on the Spinning wheel film festival. I did not have you email ID, I'm leaving a comment on your blog.

I took a couple of pictures at the Spinning wheel film festival. http://picasaweb.google.com/askang/SpinningWheelFilmFestivalToronto .

Keep in touch.

Guru Sahai!

Arvinder Singh Kang

Gaganpreet Singh said...

hi Angad I wanted to screen you film for the students here at Indiana university . How can i get hold of a copy ?